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Transport telematics: cloud and Big Data are trends that will soon change logistics in Europe

One of the most interesting telematic events took place on 8 November at the TransPoland. A part of the fair was the discussion forum ‘IT & telematics industry TSL.’ As it turned out, the interest in the subject was very large. After what was presented by the speakers, it is hardly surprising. Let’s see what’s going on.

Transport telematics

Currently in Poland telematics solutions are mainly limited to vehicle monitoring of and control of driving styles. As it turned out at the forum, the direction of this will soon change. More and more companies are implementing new transport management solutions based on a cloud computing, Big Data analysis and various software integration.

Automatic cloud DDD

Oleg Kuśnierz, CEO of PLUSGPS, gave the presentation ‘Auto cloud DDD: why do you love it?’ among other high profile participants such as, as Cargo.PL, Marcos-Bis, Soloplan, Teleroute, TimoCom, Transics, Transmetrics and His talk was met with a great interest of the participants.

Automatic cloud DDD

Automatic cloud DDD


Transport telematics: the trend and the path of development

At the forum gathered the largest providers of telematic solutions from the European Union: Poland, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania and Bulgaria. The solutions that were presented are really impressive.


Apart from the participation in the discussion forum we also took part in the fair. As one of the exhibitors, we had an opportunity to present our innovations. The effect of this was at least very good, concerning the turnout and the explicitly shown interest. What was presented?


One of the best tools to calculate drivers’ working time, if they work abroad.


New on the market: a tool for managing fleet in cold supply chain.


One of a few tools available in the industry for remote monitoring and management of trailers.

transpoland 2016

The Q4B Group team, of which PLUSGPS is a member, at TransPoland


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