Methods of fuel theft from trucks

The ways to avoid the fuel theft from trucks

The theft of fuel from the trucks is a problem that affects carriers for a long time. In this respect, littlehas changed in the transport sector – fuel wanes as in the past, purchaser for stolen oil are not missing. As in the past, only the techniques thieves use are becoming more sophisticated. How to fight this problem?

Methods of fuel theft from trucks

Fuel can be accessed through a fill or a float. Draining a truck’s fuel tank is one of the most common ways of theft. The later trading of “redundant savings” is not difficult. A lot of such offers can be found online at forums or advertising portals. But the easiest way of finding a willing buyer is with the CB radio.

Another important step is to protect oneself from suspicion. When trading fuel, faudelment drivers receive the same amount of oil, but of inferior quality. They then complement the deficiencies in tanks in the way sensors show no loss, and the employer has no grounds for suspicion.

In response to an increasingly progressive plage of frauds, the market developed various types of protection, such as protective nets, electronic systems, fuel level gauges. However, most of these safeguards can be broken. A net can be removed and installed back, and electronic security can be turned off with special decryption equipment, devised for this purpose.

A common practice is also cheating on invoices by showing fewer diesel purchased than it was actually done.

This is naturally selective review of the most common fraudelment on fuel in the the logistics sector. It is hard to believe, but these methods are still used, and with a great success. The problem concerns mainly those carriers, who do not decided on use of intelligent transport management systems. Is it possible to somehow decrease these thefts?

Recommendations on how to minimize the theft of truck fuel

Safe parking zones

This is one of the best ways to secure the vehicle fuel tanks. It does not matter if a thief is a driver or an outsider – in monitored places scammers do not commit a theft. The method is good, but it is not always feasible in practice. In the European Union guarded parking are not very common and in Eastern European countries in general they can be spotted sparingly.

Security alarm

Various types of tank alarms, sensors, locks are good solution. However, they protect only against external thieves, who often simply destroy these protections. They are not so effective if the theft is undertaken by a driver himself.

Transport management systems

Currently, it seems to be the most effective way to fight fuel thieves. Intelligent systems display fuel consumption in real-time and alerts the appropriate perseonnel about a sudden loss in a tank, so that a superior can react quickly.

How to check the transport management systems?

Fleet management systems offer control over fuel consumption. Not only do they protect against the theft, but also bring additional benefits, for example savings on fuel (eco drivingu). Special modules are installed in a truck and connected to its systems, collecting the data on stops, driving, refueling, and the amount of oil burnt.

In case of a sudden drop of fuel the carrier receives an alarming e-mail or a text message. In this way, thefts are minimized almost to zero beacause a driver can not act dishonestly unnoticed, and if outsiders attempt to steal the oil, he can react quickly triggering an alarm or startling thieves.

Obviously at the same time the tank is also protected by additional devices. What is more, the CB radio conversation can be recorded, so the search for the traders of stolen fuel are no longer possible.

For a transport company securing its truck fleet is a priority. The implementation of intelligent systems, telematics solutions, vehicles monitoring are important steps to modernize the way the company manages its vehicles.

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