Sudden losses of fuel in a truck Find out why

Sudden losses of fuel in a truck? Find out why

Each carrier at least once in his career in the transport industry met with the theft of fuel from a truck’s tank. Regardless of whether the culprit is a driver himself or an unknown thief, misappropriation of fuel is still a problem. Is it possible to prevent this somehow?

Not every system can be broken

As it often turns out in practice, any tank security solution – whether it is a padlock or an electronic system – can overtaken with all the traces erased. For this reason, the measurement sensors were devised, less in order to protect, but more to inform a carrier about potentially fraudulent behavior of the employees. A negative feature of these safeguards is that the indication of the culprit is practically impossible, while the objective is to disclose and punish the thief.

How to control the fuel?

Similar problems do not apply to carriers who have implemented a management and monitoring system of fleet trucks. It has one very important solution, supporting transport operations in terms of waste fuel and unexpected losses in a tank. It is the fuel control system.

Control of fuel – what for?

With the fuel control a transport company not only can successfully monitor the fuel combustion in real time, but also can encourage truckers to economical driving. How can it be done?

For example, implementing driver gamification which rewards those whose driving style was the most economical in terms of fuel consumption and resulted in the most ecological way of driving (eco driving).

Most importantly, the fuel control system shows the combustion in real time. PLUSGPS solution allows to:

  • reduce fuel consumption and save money on refueling (each irregularity or driver’s negligence is visible to the supervisor);
  • prevent the theft of fuel effectively (in case of a sudden fuel drop the carrier is informed by e-mail or SMS, so can react quickly);
  • improve fleet management (the carrier has information and insight into even the smallest aspects of the cargo and the vehicle movement);

Thanks to the above solutions, the company not only will not suffer detriment due to fuel theft, but it will make its supply chain more efficient and environment friendly.

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