About This Project

Working time feature continuously shows you the exact work time of drivers. You have guaranteed compliance with standards, for example MiLog. You gain a solid basis for payroll and reduce the scope of administrative tasks in the back office. ∞

Thanks to the innovative Working Time feature of PLUSFLEET, you know the current working time of drivers and you directly control it online. You can also assign them to new tasks. As a result, you spend less time on work planning drivers.

PLUSFLEET Working Time directly controls driving time, time of stops and the time remaining to complete the order. It is based on legal regulations concerning working time, applicable in a given country, for example the MiLog law. The system significantly increases drivers’ productivity and provides them with more security. It is easy to judge contentious situations and react quickly in case of breach of the rules by drivers.

Time of work performed by the drivers, registered thanks to this service is a reliable basis for your invoices and an adequate payroll. At the same time, you significantly reduce the number of administrative tasks related to working time reports and settlements.


– You reduce the range of administrative tasks in the office.

– You control the work of the driver in real-time.

– You control the driving time, duration of stops and the time remaining to complete the order.

– You improve control over the length of stops and the length of driving in your fleet.

– You manage the fleet efficiently and assign employees to new tasks.

– You gain the basis for invoices and drivers payroll.

– You prevent legal abuses done by drivers.

– You increase the safety of the fleet.

– You easily distinguish drivers’ business trips from their private travel.