About This Project

Vehicle Timesheet provides you with exact information on the monthly costs that you can deduct, related to the use of vehicles, such as fuel consumption, vehicle purchases, inspections, maintenance and tires replacement.∞

Automatic EPP is a simple and reliable tool that improves fleet management. It is very helpful with the deduction of VAT. In an easy and transparent way you get accurate information about the tax deductable monthly costs associated with the use of vehicles. Specifically it reports on expenses associated with fuel consumption, vehicle purchasing, inspection, servicing and replacement tires. With Vehicle Timesheet you can deduct more VAT, save time and money.

Vehicle Timesheet is based on a GPS unit placed in each vehicle fleet. You receive a special report on the register of all vehicles in the given period and in the specific country. Automatic EPP is helpful in settlements of work time in accordance with the regulations abiding in a specific country, for example MiLoG Act. Administrative work thereby becomes much simpler. Data generated are fully compatible with the requirements of the Polish law on VAT deduction. Just check how much you can save by improving records of your fleet.


– You easily calculate the VAT on the cost of the vehicle.

– You generate clear reports on the VAT deduction in accordance with Polish law.

– You streamline the administrative work within the company.

– You receive a special report on the vehicles register.