About This Project

Transport Exchange is a trading platform, which integrates in one place offers from multiple freight exchanges. You extend the range of partners and increase the competitiveness of your offer on the market. ∞

Transport Exchange system gives you access to a modern trading platform on which you can share the current status of your vehicles. It integrates in one place partners and offers from multiple transport exchanges. The system works with TimoCom, which is one of Europe’s largest freight exchange. Thus you extend a range of your partners and increase the competitiveness of your offer on the market. This way of winning new customers is one of the most effective for small and medium-sized carriers.

By submitting unassigned vehicles to Transport Exchange system, you gain new business contacts, so you maximize the chances of the full utilization of the fleet. You easily locate vehicles equipped with fleet management systems. Transport Exchange allows you extending the circle of recipients and gives you the ability to strengthen the company’s market position.

Deciding on Transport Exchange system, your customers receive a tool to analyze and to monitor vehicle orders. With telematic devices, they can directly control the movements of the fleet on online maps. Clients trust in your company more, if you provide them with accurate information about the position of the vehicles.

Stay ahead of the competition and see how much you can improve the efficiency of your business with Transport Exchange functions.


– You get access to a modern trading platform.

– You profit from TimCom, one of Europe’s largest transport exchange.

– You gain an affordable tool to analyze orders.

– You improve establishing new business contacts.

– You know the current status of the fleet.

– You increase the competitiveness of the company.