About This Project

Using Trailer Management, you directly control the trailer and its cargo. You get an alarm in case of an unauthorized attempt to open a trailer even if it is disconnected from the tractor. The feature streamlines loading and unloading  in the just-in-time system. ∞

Trailer Management makes you increase the security of trailers and their cargo. You control trailers in real time and you equip them with alarm systems, significantly raising the level of the fleet safety. Thanks to reserve power supply running in a trailer, you control it remotely in real time, even when it is disconnected from s tractor.

Sensors placed in a trailer read the exact time of the opening of the cargo space. As soon as one attempts to open the trailer without authorization, the special alarm system activates the siren inside the trailer and notify you of this event so that you can react instantly.

With Trailer management solution you remotely control the loading and unloading process, greatly improving operations of the fleet, e.g. in the context of the just in time supply system. You can also easily prove the status of transit through a particular territory, for example in connection with the MiLog Law. Check how much you can gain, improving trailer management procedures with the help of our system.


– You remotely control trailers and transported cargo.

– With a reserve power supply you control trailers disjointed from the tractor.

– You receive immediate online notification of unauthorized attempt to open the trailer.

– You gain independent trailer alarm system.

– You improve procedures for loading and unloading.

– You increase the safety of your fleet.