About This Project

SMS alerts make you keep up to date with the current information on the state of the fleet. You receive SMS notification regarding the entry and exit from a particular zone, sudden reductions of fuel, refueling moments, and reaching the logistics centers. ∞

With the SMS alerts you are up to date with the most important information on the state of the fleet. You get SMS notifications on among others: entry and exit from pre-defined zones, fuel discounts, until reaching the refueling and logistics centers. Having easy access to information and telemetric data, you reduce costs and optimize fleet management.

SMS Alerts service helps you control the driver’s working time. Thanks to an innovative information system, you receive information about illegal attempts to overcome procedures for refueling or about an increase in temperature inside a refrigerator truck. You can easily pair SMS Alerts with Panic Button. If you press this button in the cab of the vehicle, the company’s office immediately receive an SMS about a possible threat. SMS alerts are individually tailored to the needs of your fleet, so you decide what kind of information you need.

With SMS Alerts:

– You control fleet vehicles remotely and conveniently.

– You streamline the flow of information between the office a driver.

– You reduce the cost of communication with a driver.

– You set up notifications concerning entry and exit of vehicles from a specific area, for example a logistics center.

– You immediately receive information about problems on the route.

– You can correlate SMS Alerts with the Panic Button.

– You optimize SMS Alerts according to your needs.