About This Project

With the Routing tool you instantly set routes of your fleet and you immediately find out about leaving of a designated corridor by a vehicle. You improve the supply chain security and efficiency of the fleet route planning. ∞

With Route Tunneling, you control routes traveled by the fleet. You get real time information about a vehicle leaving the authorized route or about its return to a designated corridor. Using Route Tunneling, you easily generate template routes because the application offers you a ready-made tunnels linking the starting point and the destination point. It also shows the permitted margin of the route corridor. In the case of exceeding it by a driver, you receive the alert immediately.

Tunneling service makes you directly control the movement of high-value goods because each leaving of the corridor limit triggers an immediate warning. Routes Tunneling automatically compares planned route with its actual execution, so you control fleet vehicles in real time and continuously, improving the supply chain security.


– You calculate routes easily.

– You using route templates, connecting two selected points on the map.

– You receive real-time information about each leaving of the route corridor.

– You provide greater vehicle security, especially those carrying high-value goods.

– You plan fleet routes more efficiently.