About This Project

Using the Route Calculation, you optimize routes of the fleet, calculate fuel costs, estimated time of arrival, additional charges, CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, average speed, and distance traveled. ∞

Using Route calculator, you limit the costs of fleet operations. After you introduce the starting location and the destination to the system, it automatically calculate travel time, fuel consumption and costs, charges for CO2 emissions, average speed and distance traveled. Calculator greatly shortens your route planning and improves your fleet management.

You optimize routes with this solution, significantly reducing fuel consumption and reducing unnecessary mileage. In this way you save a lot of drivers’ working hours and more accurately estimate the necessary budget.


– You limit travel costs and the fleet travel time.

– You plan travel routes easily and analyze them accurately.

– You calculate the expected level of fuel costs, faster time to place, average vehicle speed, and distance traveled.

– You optimize the route to reach the place, choosing the best of the opportunities.

– You consider a number of factors that may affect the course of travel and can cause the possible delay.

– You develop management of your fleet

– You help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.