About This Project

Using Reports and statistics solution, you analyze parameters responsible for the smooth operations of the company in the supply chain. You easily generate reports on, among others, time and driver availability, and drivers’ business and private travel. ∞

Backed by Reports and statistics tool on a regular basis, you analyze all the relevant parameters responsible for smooth operations of the company, reducing administrative tasks. A key element affecting the quality of this solution is the control and transparency of data collected in real-time. You generate easily and quickly reports concerning, among others driver working hours or business and private travel.

A flexible form of Reports and statistics gives you choice of the parameters on which reports are based. You create lists of traveling time in PDF, CSV, XLS and ODS files and you connect them with sheets that contain working time of particular drivers. They are compatible with the software used to manage the salaries of drivers. See for yourself how much you can gain with the Reports and statistics feature.


– You streamline administrative tasks within the company.

– You control drivers’ travel time flexibly.

– You generate reports for any time period automatically.

– You adjust reports to the chosen parameters.

– You gain clear reports and statistics.

– You generate reports in many friendly formats: PDF, CSV, XLS, ODS.

– You increase savings on time and money spent on analytical work.