About This Project

Using Remote Tachograph, you download DDD files, which guarantees you protection of the sensitive data on your fleet operations. You can do it any time, independently of the location of a vehicle or a driver. It helps you to plan maintenance and servicing of particular vehicles.∞

Remote Tachograph means you download DDD files online, which helps you save a lot of time. Thanks to it you do not need to bring a vehicle to the base in order to read the data. You download certified files from a digital tachograph regardless of the current location of a vehicle.

Remote downloading of DDD files guarantees the security and confidentiality of sensitive data regarding fleet operations. For the control purposes or with the aim of analysis, you download DDD files remotely, directly from the equipment that records driver work time and form driver cards. In this way you avoid exceeding the time limit of the data read-outs and save time of the engaged personnel.


– You download DDD files remotely from the equipment recording drivers’ working time.

– You download files from digital tachographs, regardless of the location of the vehicle.

– You shorten the time for data read-out of dramatically.

– You obtain secure online access to certified files.

– You have guaranteed the security of transmitted data concerning the fleet.

– You save time of drivers and office personnel.