About This Project

Mobile App means your access to the PLUSFLEET system from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Thanks to that, you execute your duties outside the office, exercising direct control of the fleet easily. ∞

PLUSFLEET mobile app gives you control over the fleet in real time, without interruption, regardless of the place where you are. The system is fully compatible with mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Thanks to the mobile application you control the fleet and analyze data, also outside the office. The device shows every action of drivers continuously, so you assign unoccupied employees to new tasks or you react instantly to events occurring on the route.

Implementing mobile solutions, you analyze data on the status of each vehicle and the time of delivery. The information collected help you to improve supply chain management and increase work efficiency. Choose mobile version of GPS today and raise your company efficiency, thanks to the mobile fleet management system.


– You control the fleet regardless of your location.

– You use any mobile device (tablets and smartphones).

– You have your data secured easy to use.

– You respond immediately to emerging difficulties.

– You remotely control drivers in real time.

– You efficiently collect data on the company operations.

– You increase work efficiency.