About This Project

Using the Maintenance option, you know the current status of any vehicle, estimate the cost of repairs, overhauls and manage  servicing of the  fleet vehicles. ∞

The Maintenance tool shows you the current status of a vehicle’s mileage and estimates the cost of repairs. With this service, you check the condition a vehicle being serviced in an easy way. Fleet upkeeping becomes much simpler than before.

Clear and easy-to-use system panel shows the closest safekeeping operation required, and the time remaining to the next one. The mobile application provides you with the effective control over upkeeping, regardless of place you are. It is fully compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Using the Maintenance solution you save time, and thanks to good planning you improve the efficiency of maintenance work significantly. See how easy fleet upkeeping can be now through the use of our application.


– You easily estimate the cost of vehicle repairs, overhauls or upkeep activity.

– You know the next required safekeeping operation and the time remaining to the next one.

– You have access from all mobile devices.

– You use a transparent and convenient panel.

– You enhance the fleet management.