About This Project

Legal support in PLUSGPS is based on professional legal advice, related to the operation of your fleet. It facilitates the proper settlement of work hours, resolution of conflicts with employees or institutions, and compensation claims. ∞

PLUSGPS offers professional legal support. We care about the interests of our clients, helping them to improve fleet management also from the legal side. Our company helps to assert compensation claims in cases of misconduct, in criminal trials, in the event of losses suffered by vehicle users, as well as conflicting insurance policies. We also offer legal advice with regard to billing and settlement of working hours in the EU countries, for example MiLoG.

Legal support helps to resolve conflicts arising between an employee and an employer. It is helpful in proving committed offenses or crimes. We also offer legal advice related to the use of GPS monitoring devices in fleet cars or trucks and the appropriate legal restrictions.

If you are involved in labor disputes or your driver has experienced frequent violations of road control standards – do not wait and contact our legal counsel.

Legal Support:

Takes care of business Partners, providing expert legal advice.

Facilitates the proper settlement of working hours, for example conforming MiLoG.

Resolves conflicts with employees and institutions.

Provides legal advice associated with the use of GPS devices in fleet vehicles.

Helps to claim compensation in cases of misconduct and criminal trials.