About This Project

With Geofencing you create virtual zones around objects and directly control the vehicles moving in the designated area. You effectively manage the fleet in the supply chain in accordance with local law, for example MiLog. ∞

Geofencing is a tool with which you easily create virtual zones around buildings, areas and roads. This gives you a permanent, direct control of vehicles traveling inside the designated areas. With immediate notifications, you check the entry and exit of the vehicle from a specific area, for example a logistics center, which allows you to manage vehicles and the tasks of employees effectively.

With Geofencing you improve the safety of the fleet, being informed about any unplanned crossing of a zone’s border by a vehicle. Find out how much your company can gain implementing the Geofencing solution.


– You create zones around working areas and get information if a vehicle leaves the delimited area.

– You control entry and exit of vehicles from a particular area, for example logistics center.

– You streamline the settlement in the fleet in accordance with legal regulations abiding in a particular territory, for example the MiLog law.

– You improve the safety of your fleet, thanks to the zone definition tool.

– You facilitate the location of drivers and fleet vehicles.