About This Project

Fuel Control guarantees you the combustion reduction, gives you continuous control of the fuel level. You  receive information on sudden fuel drops instantly. ∞

Employing Fuel Control solution you reduce the amount of fuel burned and control its level in real time. Special fuel module is connected to the vehicle components, gathering information on stops, driving style and moments of refueling. It allows you to quickly assess fuel consumption, paying attention to its unexpected drops.

Fuel control tool changes habits of your drivers and introduces eco-driving rules, resulting in less frequent replacement of the clutch or tires. You precisely control the amount of fuel burned by the fleet vehicles, and also you plan your budget better and generate additional savings.

With accessible Fuel Control charts, you analyze and control fuel consumption, improving the company’s fuel management. For your convenience all information on fuel consumption are accessible from mobile devices. In the event of irregularities or deviations from normal driving, you receive an email or SMS immediately and react instantly. With the Fuel Control PLUSGPS not only you save money, but also you make your supply chain more efficient and environmentally friendly.


– You control the current fuel level constantly.

– You gather information on fuel consumption.

– You receive immediate notification of emergency fuel cavities or sadden drops.

– Immediately you receive an email or an SMS in case of irregularities,.

– You have access to services from all mobile devices.

– You manage your fuel budget better and save on refueling.

– You reduce the level of fuel burned.

– You receive information on stops and driving style.

– You care for the environment.