About This Project

ERP Systems Integration combines several companies in a single integrated supply chain. It unites production processes, inventory, accounting, sales, and customer service. It facilitates decision-making processes within a company and between partners in the supply chain.∞

Implementing ERP Integration you directly control the employees, fleet and resources. The integration of production processes, warehouse management, accounting, sales and customer service significantly improves the flow of information within the supply chain and within your company.

Using the strategy of a company integrated in the supply chain, you enhance fleet management and you open to the needs of your partners. Take advantage of the ERP integration and see what advantages it can bring to the decision-making process between partners in the chain and within the company.


– You make decisions about the company and the supply chain.

– You integrate production, storage, accounting, sales and customer service.

– You enhance fleet management.

– You strictly control the staff of various departments.

– You increase the efficiency of work and processes.

– You make your company more competitive on the market.