About This Project

Eco driving provides you with fuel savings and significantly extends the lifetime of your fleet. It teaches your drivers eco-driving. As a result, they adapt to appropriate driving habits and burn less fuel while you increase the supply chain performance.∞

With the Eco driving you make savings on fuel costs and you extend the life of the vehicles significantly. With Eco-driving you reduce your fuel consumption by up to 20%, and better control the current vehicle status. The implementation of the services results in less number of repairs. The system also helps protect the environment, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere.

Eco-driving teaches drivers how to drive without slowing down and how to burn less fuel, and reach the destination safely. A driver notices that stable driving is cheaper but not less effective and much more environmentally friendly than alternate acceleration and heavy braking. Eco driving changes undesirable driver habit into more appropriate one, significantly improving the quality of driving. Your fleet drivers can easily learn eco-driving because the provided tool is very easy to use, even for new drivers.

Accessible eco-driving report, available online, presents accurate point analysis of driving, helping you manage your fleet or the supply chain efficiently.


– You significantly reduce fuel consumption up to 20%.

– You extend the life of the fleet vehicles.

– You automatically evaluate and control the driving style.

– You gain access to transparent reports on the driving style and on carbon dioxide emissions.

– You increase the safety of the fleet vehicles.

– You help to protect the environment.