About This Project

Driver Journal automatically saves the route, gives you the exact location of fleet vehicles throughout the supply chain. The system remotely records driving time, stops, as well as movement outside the workplace. ∞

The Driver Journal is a solution that greatly improves the operation of the fleet as it automatically saves the route and indicates the exact location of the vehicle. Using it, you can be sure where a particular vehicle is at the moment there, for example one that belongs to a merchant fleet.

The system remotely records driving time, periods of stop and move outside the workplace. With its help you can easily check the route covered by fleet drivers in order to prove any irregularity in working hours or mismanagement in terms of fuel consumption.

Driver Journal reports separately work and private driving time, greatly facilitating the settlement of the working hours done by drivers. In this way, you streamline administrative activities related to the supply chain and fleet management. You also provides the data useful in reporting and statistics. Take advantage of our technology and upgrade the tools available in your business to manage your fleet or the integrated supply chain more efficiently.


– You protect your company against fraud on the part of fleet drivers.

– You register driving time and stops.

– You gain an automatic records of the current location of any vehicle.

– You control a vehicle moving outside the workplace area.

– You report business and private driving separately, improving work time settlements.

– You improve safety within the company.