About This Project

Communication offers you efficient exchange of information, without the need for costly expenditures to communicate with the drivers of the fleet. You react immediately on the changes in the supply chain. ∞

The Communication feature offers you fast and secure exchange of information on the route, so that you do not have to spend money on expensive phone calls. Regardless of the location of the vehicle, you obtain all the important information about the activity of the fleet and you secure yourself the direct control over the proper functioning of the supply chain. Intuitive application make your employees communicate effectively and your company work more efficiently.

With communication tool you react to events as soon as they happen, so you improve the quality of work and you improve the decision-making process within the company. By streamlining the exchange of information between a driver and a fleet manager, you save a lot of stress and time associated with situations that cause the risk of delays.


– You run an efficient and symmetric communication between a driver and the back-office and inside the office.

– You save time and money spent on travel.

– You quickly react to emerging difficulties on the route.

– You improve the fleet management decision-making process.

– You get access to important information about your fleet operations.