Driver Pal

Driver - Office Communication

Receive defined answers from the driver, regarding the implementation of tasks. Identify people from the office level and keep track of your communication history.

Receiving Orders by the Driver

Transfer orders to drivers and receive information about their acceptance or rejection. Fit the vehicle to the load or vice versa. Check the weight and volume of the planned loading.

Navigation to the Destination

Eliminate navigation errors to the order destination. Optimize the route of the driver who executes many orders.

Smartphone, Tablet Location

Locate the device regardless of vehicle telematics.

E-transfer of Documents

Work with documents long before you receive a paper version from the driver.

Driver's Assistant

Use predefined procedures assigning them to a particular driver.

Driving Style Assistance

Let your drivers improve driving style based on individual event history.

Monitoring Driving Time

Let your drivers monitor their driving time and avoid fines for breaking the rules.

Multilanguage Menu

Provide the drivers with a transparent interface in any language.

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