Is there a possibility of a presentation of the service?+-

Yes. You are welcome to use our free online presentation. With the option of sharing the screen view and voice chat, we will present the operation of the system and answer your questions.

How can I test the service?+-

You can sign a 30-day trial contract.

In which area is the service available?+-

You can use PLUS GPS services throughout the European Union and beyond. In the latter case, additional charge will be calculated individually for each client.

Will I need a specialist to operate the PLUS GPS system?+-

No. The PLUS GPS system has been designed to be fully intuitive and easy to use. Generated reports are presented in a clear way, so they are easy to read..

Does using the service involve signing a contract?+-

Yes. The subscription prices apply to the 24-month contract period. You can also sign a contract for an indefinite period.

How long are my data stored and files uploaded to the server?+-

Your data are stored on our server as long as you are using our services. You can upload them any time then.

Can I order an individual functional package?+-

Yes. In order to receive an individual offer, contact us using the contact form. We can also take your needs into account and develop dedicated solutions.

Which devices do I need to use the package?+-

You will need hardware that will be installed in the vehicle. It is used to collect information about the car's work. His type depends on your needs. It can be basic OBD2 hardware or a more advanced, CAN device that offers more functionality.

How much does the required hardware cost and who will assemble it?+-

The cost of hardware depends on its type and the size of the service order. It is possible to lease the equipment, which is conditioned by the signing of an additional contract. Its assembly as part of the service will be provided by our specialists who operate throughout the country. Some of the devices you can install yourself.

Which devices do I need to be able to communicate with employees / drivers?+-

To use the service fully, you do not need anything more than a smartphone with an installed application and an active SIM card that provides access to the Internet

Does the service generate additional costs not included in the subscription?+-

The subscription includes the transfer of 100 documents from the shipper to the driver as well as 50 documents and 10 photos from the driver to the shipper. After using the limit, you will need to buy an additional transfer or arrange an individual offer with us.

Will you archive the history of communication with drivers through the communicator?+-

Yes. The entire communication history will be archived in the cloud and stored there for the entire period of using the services of PLUS GPS.

How often are the location data of the vehicle updated?+-

The data are updated after each kilometer. This frequency can be changed to 100 m, but this will affect the battery consumption on your smartphone.

Who are the online tachograph services dedicated to?+-

The services are dedicated to transport companies that employ drivers and have the obligation to account for their working time, in accordance with Regulation No. 561/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of March 15, 2006.

Where will the company data card be stored?+-

The company card remains in your office, where it stays connected to the computer with a reader.

Are my DDD files secure on the PLUS GPS server?+-

Yes. They are completely safe. The files are encrypted, as well as the connection to the server on which they are stored.

How many files can I download within the subscription?+-

As part of the subscription, 1 file / 28 days is automatically generated from the driver card and 1 file / 90 days from the tachograph memory. If you need to download files more often, please contact us to arrange an individual offer.

Is it possible to settle the drivers' work as part of the service?+-

Yes. As part of additional service, our specialists will properly account for the working time of your drivers, considering legal regulations applicable in each European country.

Can I identify a trailer with beacons?+-

Yes. Thanks to technology, you will know which tractor is currently attached to a particular trailer.

Can I use beacons to measure the temperature in the trailer?+-

Yes. Thanks to beacons equipped with a temperature sensor, you will be able to control the temperature in the trailer.

What else can I use beacons for?+-

Beacons allow for monitoring of CO2 concentration in a trailer. This can be used for identifying of undesirable people in a trailer.